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We do not wish to reduce the tasks of music publishers to administration and advance payments, albeit eminently important components of publishing, but instead to go back to the primary creative talents of co working and conveying songs. What use is a music publisher to a song writer/author that does not publish their work? The Edition World Publishing has pledged itself to concentrate on exactly this task of conveying songs. It is about intuition and sensitivity, human configurations and a feeling for trends. It is about songs. We want to promote and assist our authors, to help them place their songs by artists and record companies. We direct song enquiries swiftly and with accurate briefing so that our time advantage is also an advantage for the authors. This all adds up to creative A&Ring. We begin where all pop careers begin: with the songs. In our pool song writers, lyricists and producers can be found, all of which are brought together by us so that they can rediscover themselves time and time again. If we have awoken your interest and you are perhaps interested in working together with us then we would be pleased to hear from you.


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Olaf Höppner

Olaf Höppner

Head of World Concerts



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